Airport book dream comes true!

For all my pilot buddies, frequent flyers and travelers who are curious about my new book, Fast Lane to Faith: A Jet Jockey’s Search for Significance, you can pick it up at the bookstores in Terminal 2 or 3 at SFO International.

Ever since I started flying and schlepping my way through airline terminals, I thought “How cool would it be when I finish my book if I could be walking through the terminal and see my book on the bookstore shelf?”

Well now it’s there and now it’s cool. The bad news, for me that is, is that I can’t get to the bookstore to fondle my book because the stores are on the other side of the TSA security check point. But hey, that just gives me an excuse to buy a ticket and go fly somewhere.

But for my friends who swing through SFO, do me a favor and check out the bookstore to see if my book is really there.

This whole book selling business is new to me and I’m finding out it’s hard to really track how many of my books are selling and who’s selling them.

Cheers on your travels. Check in here with me once in a while.