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“Driving Aviation Sales by Personalizing Your Message and Putting a ‘Face’ on Your Company!”  

Are you ready for a radical new approach to Aviation Marketing? How about this: Let me help you make it easy for your customers to buy from you through my “Personalized Approach to Aviation Marketing” 

Here’s some things to consider when you hire a copywriter.

Make sure he or she….

• Speaks and knows aviation intimately

• Has in-depth knowledge of the players

• Writes like a “maverick” copywriter who:

• Thinks “outside the envelope”

• Doesn’t just write great copy but provides solutions to your clients problems

• Writes to your clients emotions for results that keeps them engaged and returning

• Has proven results and personal, “raving fan” testimonies

• Is a master at facilitating “connection” between company and customer

Are you ready to catapult your business higher than ever before by attracting the kind of ready-to-act clients you’ve always wanted?

If so, let me give you a FREE 1/2 hour of my time to evaluate your marketing message. (I can’t help myself, I always run over!)

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“After all, when I flew for Netjets, the most powerful and influential people in the world trusted me with their lives; it only makes sense that you can trust me with your business!”

The Marketing Power of Personal Connection!

Sonoma County, California(Excerpted from Soul Searching, Bert Botta, Aviation International News, 11/2001)

What gives your life meaning? For aviators it’s often as meaningful, yet relatively short lived, as a flight well conducted; an instrument approach flown down to minimums, in lousy weather, to the completion of a satisfyingly professional flight.

            A meaningful relationship during my TWA career was two crew members passing in the ramp office like ships in the night, yelling a promise over our shoulders to “Let’s get together” as we sprinted in opposite directions for our commuter flights home; a well-intentioned but empty promise if there ever was one.

            An example of someone “having the heart and taking the time to make a connection” was when my buddy John and I were out running the trails that weave through the primeval Redwood forests of Mt. Tamalpais, in Marin County, California.        

            We were on our way to visit Roger, a friend of ours who lived in Muir Woods, a beautiful Redwood forest preserve in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

            Roger was a master carpenter and musician who built a beautiful redwood cabin in which he and his wife lived. They lived on the last remaining homestead in Muir Woods; when Roger and his wife passed away, his home reverted to the GGNRA.

            The musician in him would open his home for a jam session every Sunday. Many of the musicians of the day, names like Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and many others, showed up to jam with Roger.

            As John and I rounded a turn in the trail, we saw Roger working on the Greyhound bus he was converting into a luxurious touring vehicle for Neil Young, the musician.

            As soon as he saw us round the last turn in the trail to his home, he dropped his tool belt and sprinted into the cabin to put on his running shoes.

            Two minutes later, he came stumbling out, lacing up his running shoes and shouting, “Let’s go!” He joined us for a beautiful 5 miler through the Redwoods.

            For me, he “took the time to make a connection” with us. That seemingly simple act of dropping everything to join us on a run somehow validated us as important people in his life.

           Roger passed away a few years ago. The cabin is gone. The music stopped. But these days, when I descend the mountain down into the glen where Roger’s cabin used to be I swear I can still hear the melody of his “joyful spontaneity” resounding in my heart.

            I never forgot him; he taught me a lesson about the power of personal connection that I carry with me; and every day, when I’m conscious enough, I attempt to “pay it forward…”


How My Background Serves Your Business

For 26 years I flew as a pilot for TWA. Then for another 9 years I flew for Netjets. All during that time I have been writing about the industry that has been my life and my love.

Not a day or a flight hour has gone by that I’m not thinking about, visualizing or writing about life as I see and experience it, either from the ground or above the clouds.

This passion for life and writing has driven all of my writing and copywriting.

The passion I have for connecting with and inspiring people, moving them to action and transforming their lives has fueled everything I have written; my book and articles, web content, emails, case studies, personal interviews, Ebooks, newsletters, etc.

I’m excited about the possibility of bringing everything I have learned about our unique aviation family together with my passion for creating exciting, stimulating, convincing copy.


 How We Can Build Your Business Through the Power of Connection

We live in a very disconnected world. As most of us know, solid relationships are the key to business and personal success.

And relationships depend on connections. Personal connections. Connections that are meaningful, that have other persons interests at heart as well as our own.

I call these “heart connections” because to successfully connect, your heart has to be open, open to allow others in, to often be vulnerable, to risk rejection and failure, to allow others to “know, like and trust” you.

Connection is my specialty. But mostly Aviation Connection. I’ve been doing it all my flying life. I’m big on connection probably because I felt disconnected as a kid. But that’s another story, one you can read in my book!

(I have built connected communities – some people call them “tribes” these days – in St. Louis, MO, Taos, NM, San Francisco, CA, Marin County, CA and most recently in Petaluma, CA at my local health club.)

Connection is important because connections cement trust in relationships and trusted relationships sell products and services.

No matter what area of aviation you do business in – aircraft sales, FBO services, charter, aircraft management and more – you always need trusted connection, first and foremost.

Connections are the foundation of solid relationships and solid relationships create the kind of “raving customers” who will line up to buy from you for a lifetime. (It would be great fun to help form your own tribe, and I can manage it for you, should you want to do so!)

The articles, the press releases, the emails, the case study, the web content, or whatever I write for you is a blend of everything I know and love about aviation and writing in one, passionate, connection-oriented package.

Below is some information on who I am and what I have done that will help you decide if I’m the right guy with the “right stuff” for your project.


 My Past Work

  • I have written product descriptions and marketing for many Amazon private label product clients. These pieces had to be attractive enough to significantly distinguish my clients’ products from thousands of other similar Amazon products.
  • Envisioned, designed, created, wrote copy for and marketed my own Amazon private label food product.
  • Many articles of mine have been published in: InFlightUSA, Aviation International News, Airline Pilot Magazine and many other Worldwide Aviation and Training publications.

(Both InFlightUSA and Aviation International News thought enough of my work to send me to NBAA 2015 to cover it for them. I look forward to meeting you there.)

Here’s a recent article of mine and the beautiful ad that InFlightUSA created for my Copywriting Services:

  • A best selling book in the marketplace:
  • Guest columnist for the St. Louis Suburban Journal
  • Columnist, Sedona Times
  • Newsletter editor for: TWA Tailwinds (Airline Retirees Group), Taos, New Mexico Motorcycle Club, Tamalpa Runners (Marin County), St. Louis TWA Pilots group.


Professional Training

  • Completion of the American Writers and Artists International direct response course (AWAI is the industry leader in Copywriter Training)
  • Studied and completed many AWAI courses: 2008 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp, Jay White’s Email Copy Made Easy, Writing Case Studies and Nick Usbourne’s course on Web Copy 2.0.
  • The articles I have written and submitted for publication have always been accepted on the first submission. I have never had a rejection.

My writing draws readers and clients into my stories in a way that entertains them while building their trust and fostering their cooperation.

I weave compelling, personalized, heartfelt stories into my copy. This writing style charges people emotionally and creates a bond around my material.

My Aviation Copywriting website: 


Some Services I Provide…

I help Business Owners with…

  • Email campaigns that INCREASE PROFITS
  • Landing pages that BUILD YOUR LIST
  • Industry articles that TELL YOUR STORY
  • Sales collateral that TRIGGERS ACTION (i.e. direct mail, brochures, posters, white papers, case studies (with personal interviews) e-books, advertorials, e-newsletters, press releases, copy critique.


My Copywriting System for Your Business

(1) After our initial contact, I’ll send you my Copywriting Questionnaire. You can fill it out and return it to me, or if you prefer we can schedule a phone call and I’ll ask you the questions personally.

(2) Once I’ve reviewed your questionnaire, your website and any other relevant information we’ll discuss your goals, message, strategies, and deadlines. I will offer my professional advice and strategize with you.

(3) Next, I’ll send you a Project Proposal and a Terms of Agreement form for you to approve, sign, and return to me.

(4) When I’ve received the signed Proposal and Agreement and your deposit, I will get started. Your requested deadline and an editorial calendar will be outlined in the proposal.

(5) Research: In order to do the kind of in-depth research that your project warrants, I want to know everything possibIe about you, your business, your customers – anything that can illuminate what I need to get the job done in a way that will completely satisfy you and attract customers.

My style is face-to-face whenever possible. If that’s not possible, we’ll talk over the phone, via Skype or SatCom in the cabin of your aircraft, whatever means of communication serves you best.

For me it is crucial to interview any and all people who I consider as key to the success of your marketing campaign.

I am fanatical about communication. I will communicate with you regularly, at each stage of your project’s development via the methods mentioned above.

(6) As soon as your copy is ready I will send you the first draft for your review. If revisions are needed, I’ll send you the revised copy by the revision deadlines.

(7) On average allow two to three weeks for completion of your project. If you need to expedite your project I will do my best to accommodate you.

My goal for your business is to attract more “raving fan” customers who are enthusiastic, willing and “credit card ready” to buy as a result of the irrestible copy we create for your marketing campaign.

If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll rewrite the sections in question or the entire project or email, based on your specific guidelines … at no extra charge.

**NOTE: Revisions must be assigned within 30 days and do not include changes made in the original assignment after copy is submitted.

*** Does not include printing costs or additional writing costs. Additional writing projects will be quoted on an as needed basis.

Should you need more:

(1) Samples of my work

(2) Testimonials

(3) A price list of my services

You can find my information packet here: 

Ready to Take the First Step? Or Have More Questions?

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My Guarantee: Your copy will be done right and on time. I will learn everything I can about your business, your prospect, your customer/end user, and your competition.

To our mutual success,