Out of all the people I’ve met, you are the only one who treats me like a friend and remains patient with me.

Jovan M.

I very much appreciate the help you have given me. I’m much more comfortable becoming a “public” person than I could have been without your help.

Ray P.

Thank you for your very thoughtful and touching essay published in Aviation International News. It had a very deep impact on me, something that doesn’t happen too often. Jim Holahan is the only other person in the aviation field that can write like that! Hats off to you.

Janice K. Barden
President Aviation Personnel International

Bert, I just finished reading your article in AIN and wanted to tell you that it was appreciated by me.

I am 29 years old and fly Saab 340s for Mesaba airlines. I have been there almost one year. Prior to that, I was a flight instructor and a business professional before becoming a professional pilot.

One of the themes in your piece seemed to be mentoring and seeking a balanced life. My former boss at Quaker Oats will never know the role he played in my life as far as setting a good example of someone who has succeeded both personally and professionally.

He is the reason why I am where I am now. I have a former student who I try to do the same for when I can. You hit it on the head when you say the soul buzzes within us like a tuning fork. I have watched the fractional companies evolve for a number of years and hear many pilots say it is a great way to fly fun aircraft, make a decent living and enjoy a predictable schedule. I don’t have to tell you about airline management/labor relations. Again, thanks for writing your piece.

It says a lot of the things that my wife and I discuss as we go farther into this career/lifestyle. Maybe one day I’ll see you on the road.

Terry Rhew
SF340 FO Mesaba Airlines

Dear Bert,

Thank you for a great half-way-round-the-world “wake-up call.” A frequent-flyer friend yesterday lent me the November 2001 copy of Aviation Intl News and your article has had a number of impacts on me, all positive. In fact, I am busy right now changing my whole approach to this Saturday’s function where I am scheduled to be the M.C.

I’m sure you are a man with plenty of demands on your time, so I don’t expect a reply to this letter It’s enough for me just to have let you know that your epitaph is already true in my case. May God continue to bless you and yours.

Sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Vernon Varty
Cape Town, South Africa

Congratulations. Superb. Besides being a great pilot you are also a great writer with a sensitive soul.

Capt. Aluizio Fleury
Rio de Janeiro – RJ


Although we have not had the opportunity to meet personally, I certainly connected with that magnificent article you authored on “Soul searching” AIN, November 2001.

I found the high points of your article right on the money…. Mentoring, connection, relatedness, and your recommendations for building aviator soul. I have always believed that the best legacy I can leave my two married daughters and my other loved ones is to live my life believing the dreams from childhood and adolescence are achievable.

To never compromise your integrity when making decisions is a work in progress. To look for the good in people and strive to positively influence and motivate others to work hard, do good deeds, to be kind and show love so that we can perhaps make this world a better place for everyone is a work in progress.

I intend to explore some other reading selections on emotional intelligence (EI) which has piqued my interest. I believe EI and “emotional availability” fit together, and I want to become better educated with both concepts to improve the quality of those relationships that are most important to me. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

Les Bufferd

Hey Bert:

I just read your article in AIN page 38. Absolutely Brilliant (as the Brits say).

We met in recurrent last year, if my memory serves correct??

Have you spent any time in Asia? Gold star for today for the very important thoughts put down on paper! Keep up the good work…

Sam Flower

Dear Bert:

In relation to what you wrote recently: “Oh, you’ve touched me,” I said, And taught me in part, That the best of any man Is what is found in his heart…”
Amen!Amen! and Amen!

I love what I find in your heart. I love your double-sided coin of daring and humility. I love your humor and zest for living. I love your tenacity and your go-for-it-ness. You bless me, this church, everyone in it, and Jesus.


Before working with Bert I was unhappy in many areas of my life. My success with women was at an all time low. I felt unworthy for a woman’s attention or time. I had a constant fear of rejection and I felt I was unattractive and that my ideal woman was unattainable.

I had given up hope of doing things that I valued such as writing, and playing music.

I felt these things that I once loved had no meaning anymore. I believed I was untalented and unable to share my creative nature to people.

I was not proud, completely afraid, and lacking confidence in all areas of my life. I felt there was no way out. I was on the verge of living a life of fear.

That was until I met Bert Botta. It is very hard for me to label what type of coach Bert is. He isn’t a Life Coach, Dating Coach, Counselor, or even a Psychologist.

Bert is a man who helps other men realize their full potential. He helps them to truly love and be proud of themselves. He has a way of making me feel comfortable to open up. He is open as well in return, telling me things about his life.

He was personable and ready and willing to listen and give his insights on anything I had to share or felt I needed some advice on. I knew that I could trust Bert and he would not judge me in any way. To me, those are some of the qualities of a good coach.

I have started to believe in myself in attracting the right type of women in my life. Bert has helped me map out my “ideal” woman, which has allowed me to see what I truly value in the opposite sex and now I’m going after it, putting myself back out there.

I’m learning to love and be proud of myself, despite the challenges that I have. I embrace the challenges and accept them now, and do not look at them as disabling.

His writing assignments helped me get deep with myself. I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I want out of life.

I now feel that I have a flight plan for a much more fulfilled life ahead of me.

I recommend Bert to anyone who wants more out of life and is willing to work alongside someone to do what it takes to get it.

Link Johnson
Daytona, Florida