Fast Lane to Faith


Fast Lane to Faith:
A Jet Jockey’s Search for Significance


Sometimes I go about pitying myself, and all along my soul is being blown across the sky on great winds…
– Ojibway saying

From the time I built one of the fastest cars in the San Francisco Bay Area during the birth of the 50’s hot rod era, I was hooked on a “need for speed.”

In this book you will trace my journey from that inauspicious beginning up through my career as a jet pilot for one of the premier airlines of the “glory days of aviation” and into my desperate search for the “meaning of life.”Babaji-and-me

I trekked into the Himalaya mountains to sit at the feet of Indian gurus, traveled into the jungles of the Philippines to learn the healing art of the Philippine faith healers, and then returned home to wonder how what I was learning would benefit me and, eventually other men.

This picture above was when I was in India, “chasing gurus.” I would soon realize that I was more interested in the adventure rather than the destination. It wasn’t until years later that I would ‘come home’ to the God of my youth. 

Even though I was learning to “trust the process,” I still continued on my unconscious path of “serial monogamy” until I came face to face with some truths that would be revealed only when I was ready to receive them.

Click on the book cover below to read the description of my book; learn how God changed my heart in subtle, gradual but powerful ways and how that process brought the happiness that eluded me on my travels, thousands of miles from home.

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